Acacia flooring, acacia terraced decking

Acacia flooring, acacia terraced decking

 20 /sq m
Воробей Виктор Владимирович
Воробей Виктор Владимирович, учредитель
Flagma member since 25 October 2015

We produce a floor board and a terrace board from acacia, a breed of Robinia.

Acacia is harder than oak almost twice!

Accordingly, the resource in exploitation of flooring and terraces from acacia is up to 20-25 years. In operation, this covering requires only periodic cleaning from dust and small restoration.

Usually, terrace decking from acacia are applied by technical flax oil or, with a larger budget, it can be covered with professional German coatings Remers with any color tinting, and as final coating with flax oil.

Such performance qualities of acacia put it on a par with some African wood species but with a significantly lower cost.

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